Play Perfect Chess Online

Perfect Chess is available as a mobile app online at the Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and Amazon Store.


  • Player vs Player Mode for two persons
  • Player vs AI for one player against computer
  • Play Online against other Players
  • AI has 5 levels of difficulty
  • Player can select White or Black pieces
  • Player can change name
  • Game displays the moves of each player in standard notation
  • Game displays captured pieces
  • Game displays score for each player based on value of captured pieces
  • Game displays all open squares highlighted for a piece delegated to move
  • Player making move displays flashing prompt
  • Back button allows player to take back a move
  • Audible indication of moves and check
  • Countdown timer for Online play
  • Flashing notice when player is in check
  • Online game keeps Player Rating and Ranking
  • Play a friend, select an opponent or issue a challenge online
  • View your game statistics for online play

Here are the main screen shots of the app.